Chocolate packing machine factory for ball,egg,bench,folded,heart,rectangular,top,double twist wrapping


Chocolate depositing line

买彩票机选中奖几率高吗automatic biscuit,wafer  coating machine,chocolate stick biscuit machine production line

this chocolate depositing line is a high tech full automatic chocolate machine for chocolate molding. the production process include mould heating, chocolate depositing, mould vibrating, mould conveying, cooling and demolding. this line has been widely applied in production of pure solid chocolate, center filled chocolate, double-colored chocolate, particle mixed chocolate, biscuit chocolate,etc.


Production capacity( kg/shift) 200~700
Speed of stroke( n/min) 6~12
Mould heating and fan power 6kw
Mould temperature 24~45
Vibrating motor power 1.1kw
Vibrating time 30~60s
Depositing motor power 1.5kw
Stirring motor power 0.5kw
Circulating hot-water power 4.5kw

买彩票机选中奖几率高吗circulating pipe water pump power

Mould size and numbers needed 300x225x30mm
100pieces needed
Compressed air consumption 2.5m3/min
Compressed air pressure 0.65Mpa
Gross weight (kg) 800
Dimension 1.Mould heating unit:


2.Depositing unit:


3.Vibrating unit:


Main Features & Advantages
1.Full automatic PLC controlled,highly stable and reliable. Servo system not only minimize the maintenance cost and contamination to products, but also realize a more stable and bigger center filling.
2.The Beckhoff Remote Control System from Germany enables us to modify system parameters,diagnosis & troubleshooting on line, which is not only easy and fast, but also cost-saving.
3.There are a lot of add-on devices can be attached to this production line, such as Auto Biscuits Feeder, Auto Wafer Feeder, Auto Sprinkler,etc. Customers can choose these add-on devices accordingly and add or  change the add-on devices for new product whenever needed.
4.The high configuration production line can be combined by all kind of parts, and these parts can be separated and recombined with some other parts to makes another production line for different products.
5.There are single depositor,double depositor or more to meet different product production need. The special mechanism of the depositor device makes the installation, takedown and switch of the depositor EASY & FAST. It only takes a very short time to clean the depositor or switch to another depositor.
6.To produce different kinds of chocolate products, you only need to change a depositor or the chocolate
syrup distribution plate that used with the depositor.
7.The mobile depositor enables the mobile mould-follow-depositing function, which greatly increase the output of the production line by 20%.
买彩票机选中奖几率高吗 8.With plastic guide-rail protection, the chain will not contact with spilled chocolate,which meets the overall food hygiene requirements.

automatic wafer biscuit coating machine chocolate stick biscuit machine production line

买彩票机选中奖几率高吗there are many other add-on devices,such as auto mould loader,sprinkler,biscuit feeder,conche, tempering machine,decorating machine and many more. you can add whatever part you need to make it a full automatic production line and produce different kinds of products.

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