Chocolate packing machine factory for ball,egg,bench,folded,heart,rectangular,top,double twist wrapping


Chocolate enrober + cooling line

chocolate enrober

the enrobing line is to coat chocolate on various food such as biscuit, wafers, egg rolls, cake pie and snacks ect. cooling tunnel is available, there are following special devices for optional also:

买彩票机选中奖几率高吗granular sprinkler :to sprinkle sesame or peanut granulars on the enrobing products

买彩票机选中奖几率高吗decorator :to decorate zigzags or stripes of different color on the surface of enrobing products

high duty executions with machine lengths ranging form 1.4m to 4m and equipped with two or more coating stations ,blowers and wire belt shakers

contact cooling on the base,with radiation and all convection cooling form above,allow the optimum setting condition for any product

The cooling module
1、fully clad and insulated, no cold bridges
2、optimum accessorily
3、air flitter and water separator are standard
4、either with integrated cooling compressor or modulating system for cold water or glycol control
买彩票机选中奖几率高吗 5、air drying with electrical air heating or dehumidifier as an option


优点:因其个性化,大屏幕以及多彩的触摸屏,操作人员可随时对生产流程实现全程控制,菜单式的引导界面PLC全程控制,使操作参数, 如振动器频率,主网速度,料循环温度速度等等设置变得十分容易,设备运行的各项状态及一目了然地被显示出来,其可设置并存储10种不同 的电子配方。经设计的涂层机,独特的机械式回料系统,振动器,涂布头。网张紧器,在卫生等级,清洁和维护保养方面都得到进一步提高。
独特的产能范围:同样为满足用户需求,LST-T (型)巧克力涂层机有几种不同型号,网长型号有900毫米、600毫米、1000毫米,在ST-Tc 型巧克力涂层功能不仅满足批量灵活性生产,也能满足大规模全自动工业生产的需求。
买彩票机选中奖几率高吗 风机:风道,可调试,网带就可提升,风机口清洗时易于搬移。去尾器,新的设计方案为5mm杆,可调式,效果更好。

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