Chocolate packing machine factory for ball,egg,bench,folded,heart,rectangular,top,double twist wrapping


Chocolate polishing machine

Technical features:
It is the large-tonnage machine to produce the chocolate bean(mylikes), and the products are made from peanuts, fudge, raisin.

advantages: advanced dtg polishing device, and the machine is programming auto-controlled, and the man-machine interface is more intuitive, because of the characteristic and colorful touch screen, the operator is able to control the whole producing process. with varied product specifications and large output, this machine is the ideal one to replace the polishing pot.

Control system :delta man-machine interface, and the Siemens 57-300 drive system: 4 step cone gear motor of the Delta transducer
material conveying system: vaned chocolate pump, programming controlling the feeding time
main technical specifications:
production capability: 300KG/hours
Total weight: 1680kg
Overall dimension: 2450-1600-2250MM


控制系统:台达控制系统    传动系统:齿轮减速电机
传动系统:PP食品级传送带    加料系统:采用凸轮转子泵
生产能力:330L 整机重量:1680公斤
整机功率:12KW (加料系统)    生产环境:温度15〜201
外型尺寸:2450-1600-2250mm    湿度:≤50%


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