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Do you eat cockroaches sandwich chocolate today?

“Doyouloveme?” Usual, the slogan of a Dove (DOVE) chocolate, always evoke customers yearning for a romantic love. Recently, Mr Hu in Jinhua Zhejiang province,face one thing, so that he is no longer dared to fancy Dove chocolate anymore”.

The cockroaches wrapping in chocolate.

around 2 pm on august 30, after a meal,  mr. hu as usual picked up a dove chocolate to eat as usual, but this time he felt a little strange.

买彩票机选中奖几率高吗when a piece of chocolate is about to finished, mr. hu felt slag in his mouth, so he take the rest out to have a look, even a 3 mm size cockroaches left.

买彩票机选中奖几率高吗“i felt vomit, very nauseous.” mr. hu said, he and his children favorite dove chocolate, almost every day to eat, but this time he eat cockroaches.

since eating cockroaches, mr. hu  is difficult to accept in psychologically, and always feel gastric distress, and also go to the hospital to check.

买彩票机选中奖几率高吗it is learned that dove chocolate brand is belong to one of the world’s largest pet food and snack food manufacturer-american multinational food company-mars (mars) company,which is launched a series of products in china, to enter china in 1989 and in 1995 is become china’s chocolate brand.

买彩票机选中奖几率高吗in recent years, the dove chocolate advertising on television broadcast is becoming crazy,”do you love me? on behalf of the declaration of love chocolate gained a lot of popularity among boys and girls.

but get that cockroache  chocolate acident, let mr. hu about loss of appetite, he told reporters he would not not dare to eat dove.

Want test result but was rejected  repeatedly

subsequently, mr. hu contact “12315″ consumer complaint hotline for reporting, but was told to contact the dove manufacturer – mars. the  salesman surnamed huang in jinhua company said, the cockroaches together  with  the rest of the chocolate will be send to the head office in beijing to detecting.

买彩票机选中奖几率高吗mr. hu told reporters that when he asked when the results will be announced, but the staff said he was just a ssalesman,and do not know the others, letting mr. hu contact headquarter of mars.

recently,in front of reporters, mr. hu once again call the the mars company headquarters phone,the customer service told there is no contact telephone number,he must to wait for notification, usually processing time is one week.

买彩票机选中奖几率高吗on the phone mr. hu ask mars for third party testing, also refused by customer service, who said jinhua area not has detected machine, the evidence must be mailed back to beijing for detecting.

mr. hu is very much puzzled: a small piece of chocolate, a little cockroach,he want to verify the quality of the product, but is as difficult as climbing up to heaven .

in order to understand the specific situation,4 september, beijing reporters call mars foodsin jiaxing co., ltd., tried to interview the relevant person in charge. but the customer service staff make some excuses that leadera having a meeting, reception guests,to reject the reporter interviewed and did not give phone number.

Expert opinion: “big brand” is not equal to “high-quality”

买彩票机选中奖几率高吗according to the reporter, dove chocolate “accident” is not the first time. as early as in 2009, ms. chen hangzhou ate three worms alive in dove raw almonds chocolate packing; someone ate dead insects in october 2006; june of the same year was ate chocolate cans ring-pull in dove chocolate packing; in 2004 find blowfly builted in  …

after this incident, the wife of mr. hu wrote signature in the qq : dove latest products – cockroaches sandwich chocolate,do you eat this today? ”

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