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Elon Musk says he’s starting a candy factory

elon musk says he’s starting a candy factory.

买彩票机选中奖几率高吗the billionaire entrepreneur tweeted saturday that he is “super, super serious” about starting his own confections enterprise.”it’s going to be amazing,” musk wrote.

according to reports from russian satellite network, elon musk, founder of spacex, tesla, and paypal, said that they plan to launch a candy business.  according to reports, musk posted a message on the social networking site twitter, saying, “i will open a candy production company and it will be very amazing.” after that, musk added that his plan is “super serious” and proposes to create  “cryptocandy,”“encryption candy”.

Some suggested chocolate bitcoins or space rocks.

it is reported that musk announced the start of this new project when his business suffered an unprecedented loss. at the end of april, two large rating agencies, moody’s and standard & poor’s, considered tesla bonds highly speculative and rated them as “junk” bonds.

tesla motor’s financial report for the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2017 announced in february this year showed that in the quarter ended december 31, the net loss was us$771 million. according to reports, the main cause of losses is the reinvestment of expanded production.

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